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leeping (spell bible)(helps your future) Spell'

You will need the following items for this spell:

One lavender-scented pillar candle any size
matches or lighter
one white candle 6-8''/15-20cm in length
one pliable whip of whillow of length to fit over a person
One 36''/90cm in length of strong twine


1. Cast A circle

2. light the lavender-scented candle and carry it around the space deosil to sent it

3.light the white candle saying
the purity of light
guide the way to gentle sleep
hence may I be known
for the peace that I keep

4.bend the willow into a hoop and fasten it family using the strong twine. fasten the camomile and lavender onto it.

5. hold up the hoop vertically before the white candle saying
through this candle
I will pass
On the road
so my spell for sleep
is blessed
pass the hoop over your entire body, head to toe and step out of it.

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