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Ocean amulet enchantment Spell'

You will need the following items for this spell:

water or ocean water
a bowl
a amulet or necklace
belief in the ocean gods
6 blue candles optional


there are to versions of this spell one for novices and one for experienced mages

version 1 novice: fill the bowl with water
add salt
take a shower while it settles
meditate while holding the amulet near your chest and visualize the ocean spreading through your blood and shielding your heart
put it in the water and say
With the power of the sea, of poseidon and neptune as one I power this amulet and claim it as mine

version 2 experienced:
fill the bowl with rain or ocean water instead of regular
and swim in the ocean or run in the rain instead of take a shower
sit in acircle of the candles
otherwise do it the same as version 1

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